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Hair Services

Michael Thomas stylists will work with you to recommend a style and color that will best fit your hair type and personal style.

All haircuts include a personalized consultation, rejuvenating shampoo, stimulating scalp massage, precision haircut and signature blow-dry style.

Hair Cutting

Short Haircut 

Clipper Cut 

Med/Long Haircut

Kid's Haircuts 


$50 - $125+

$35 - $75+

$50 - $125+

$30 - $75+

$30 - $100+

Hair Color Services

Color Retouch 

Full Foil 

Partial Foil


Corrective Color

Vivid Colors

$70  - 170+

$115 - 275+

$90  - 225+

$120 - $295+

(Price based on Consultation)

(Price based on Consultation)

Up-do Hair Style

Whether you're looking for curls, braids, or a sophisticated up-do, we're here for your formal styling needs!

$55 - $175

Hair Treatments

Keratin Treatments
Conditioning Hair Treatment
Gloss Treatment
Curl/Wave Treatment

$100 - $300+
$40  -  $75+

$30  -  $50+

$95  -  $175+

Hair Extensions

Bellami Hair Extensions

(Consultation Required)

At Michael Thomas

We offer a tiered pricing system.

Each stylist’s unique pricing is based on their commitment to education, demand for time, excellence in their skill, and time spent in the beauty industry.

Please note all prices are based on a standard time slot. Should your hair require additional time there will be an additional charge.

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